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Updated: Apr 20

Drawing inspiration from the diverse culinary landscape of Italy, Pronto features an array of handcrafted focaccia sandwiches, indulgent lasagne, and decadent desserts that pay homage to the rich tapestry of Italian cuisine.

"With my team, I have developed a range of focaccia sandwiches named after cities in Italy, capturing the essence of each region and highlighting the produce they are renowned for. So when you taste them, you can imagine you are travelling through my beautiful country.” From the rich taste of Pecorino cheese in the Roma focaccia to the crispy goodness of Cotoletta in the Milano creation, every bite is a journey through the flavours and traditions of Italy. And let's not forget the Capri focaccia sandwich, bursting with juicy tomatoes and Mediterranean sunshine, or the Modena masterpiece, packed with the vibrant flavours of Prosciutto di Parma.

"We take pride in sourcing the finest local and imported ingredients, ensuring that every dish is crafted with care, quality, and authenticity," says Giovanna. "From our homemade lasagna, layered with love and tradition, to our vegetarian and vegan options, plus mouthwatering desserts, we cater to every palate with creativity and love."

With a passion for great food and wine, paired with deep-rooted experience in catering and winemaking through her Family’s ventures in Italy, Giovanna was keen to cater for those seeking the authentic taste of Italian quality food in a ‘quick bite’, street food style format and so the concept of Pronto by Giovi was born.

“Although Italian cuisine is often associated with sitting around a table, with a glass of wine, life in Italy can be very fast, so there is also a tradition and culture of quick bites and street food. Of course, this is just as delicious as a sit-down meal, just more casual. So my idea was to offer this to Queenstown by creating Pronto” said Giovanna, the founder of Giovi.

As Pronto by GIovi opens its doors in Queenstown, Giovanna and her team look forward to welcoming guests and sharing their passion for Italian cuisine. Whether grabbing a quick lunch on the go or satisfying a late-night craving after drinks at the neighbouring bars, Pronto by Giovi promises an experience that will tantalise taste buds and leave guests craving more.

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